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I downloaded Mailit and cannot use it, why?

Please obtain a trial key or purchase a full license key to use Mailit.

Is there an evaluation copy of the product available?

You can download a Mailit here. After download you will be directed to the trial key page on which you can request a trial key to test Mailit for 14 days free.

What do I need to test the product?

You need to integrate the Mailit for C/C++ in to your project, as it is described at the product Manual.

Are there any feature limitations of the trial versions?

There are no feature limitations for the trial version.

How do I active my trial version? How do I obtain a trial key?

In order to obtain a trial key please go here. In order to activate the product using the trial key, please use the 'EmaiRegisterLibrary' function. You can find additional details on this function at the product Manual.

What are the restrictions of the trial version?

Trial version will stop functioning as soon as your trial key will expire.

How can I prolong my evaluation period?

In order to prolong the trial period you should obtain a new trial key here.

How do I change the product from trial to full version after purchase?

In order to change the product from trial to full version after the purchase you should only change the key used for product activation.

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