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Licensing & Purchase FAQ



How can a purchase a Mailit license?

You can purchase Mailit through our website or through one of our resellers.

What is the difference between a developer and a site license?

The difference is the number of developers who can use the Mailit functionality during the development of a solution. The developer license can be used by a single named developer. The site license can be used by an unlimited number of developers on one site (a named company in a named location). Both licenses allow royalty-free distribution of Mailit with the developed solution to customers or in-house.

Are there any royalty fees? Is there any license fee I have to pay when I ship my product with Mailit?

No. After purchase of a Mailit license no further fees or royalties have to be paid to Dacons. Your solution can be distributed to an unlimited number of customers or in-house users.

How do I distribute my registered Mailit product with my software?

Corresponding Library file(s) should be included in to your application distribution. The Library file(s) should be installed to the folder/location, where your application can find it. For C/C++ applications it is enough to distribute only the '' for Windows, and '' for MacOS. For .NET applications you should also distribute the '' file, in addition to the ''.

Where do I find the license agreement for Mailit?

For the license agreement of a single developer license go here.

Do you offer license bundles?

No. We believe in simple and straightforward pricing. You may contact for sales inquiries.

How do I upgrade my license for more end-users?

You don’t have to. All Mailit licenses allow for unlimited royalty-free distribution of Mailit functionality with your solution, no matter if your customers (or in-house users) use your solution on one computer or on many.

Can I change the licensee’s name of my license?

Yes you can. Please send a copy of the original payment confirmation email and a request for license name change to

Which payment options do you provide?

Through our store (Plimus) you have the following payment options:
• Major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express
• Postal checks
• Money transfer
• Money order
• Purchase order
• PayPal

How is the licensed software delivered after purchase?

The software is delivered electronically. You will receive an email from our store. Please make sure you white list in your spam filter. The license key will also be shown on the payment confirmation page after successful purchase. You can download the latest version of Mailit here and the downloaded version becomes the registries version as soon as you enter the key.

I purchased a license and did not receive my registration key. What shell I do?

Please make sure you white list in your spam filter and check your ‘junk mail’ to make sure your spam engine did not filter our payment confirmation message. The registration key also gets shown in your browser after purchase. You can also contact with your name and company name (if site license) to request a copy of the registration key.

How can I obtain an invoice?

Contact with your Reference Number to obtain your invoice after purchase. Alternaticly contact our sales team click here.

My company does not allow me to purchase via Internet. What options do I have?

You can purchase via phone or fax. Please see our payment options page for more information.

How do you guarantee my satisfaction with your software?

Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy: Mailit provides full email functionality for your applications. You can test-drive Mailit before purchase for free. If you buy a Mailit license, your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can return your license within 30 days after purchase if you are not fully satisfied and get a refund.

Do you offer discounts for academic and non-profit organizations?

No. We currently do not offer such a discount. Please contact

How can I resell your products to developers?

Please visit our reseller site.

I want to use Mailit in-house. Which license is right for me?

Mailit license make no difference between in-house use and royalty-free distribution. However, depending on the number of named developers that use Mailit in your organization there are two different licenses: single developer and site license.

I am developing a cross-platform solution for Windows and Mac OS X. Do I need a separate license for each development platform?

Yes. You need one license for each platform. This must be either a single developer or a site license depending on how many developers work on your project per platform.

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