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Why should I use component software in my project?

Component software can help you to increase the productivity and quality of your development projects while optimizing costs. How does component software achieve all this for you? Component software provides off-the-shelf implementations that are ready to use. You can dedicate your time to the areas of expertise that are core to your project while leaving implementation details (e.g. email functionality) to component software. At the same time you can be sure that component software provided by Dacons is rock-solid as it has been in productive use by thousands of customers for years and is supported by engineers. After purchase Dacons’ component software is licensed for royalty-free distribution.

What are Mailit for C/C++ and Mailit for .NET?

Mailit is component library that can be used to integrate email functionality you’re your development projects. At this time, Mailit supports projects based on C/C++ (Windows or Mac) or .NET. When using Mailit, no knowledge of email protocols is required to provide email functionality in your applications. Use high-level interfaces to get started quickly knowing that you can make use of low-level interfaces at any point when you need to.

Which email standards are supported?

Mailit provides implementations of all major email standards including SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and S/MIME. Click here for a detailed list of features and RFC standards implemented by Mailit.

Do you plan to provide an ActiveX Edition of Mailit?

Yes, an ActiveX edition of Mailit will be provided in Q3 2008. Please drop us a message if you like to be informed upon the release of Mailit ActiveX Edition. <”drop us a message” link creates an email with the subject “Mailit ActiveX Edition” to>

What is the track record of Mailit?

Dacons has been developing email solutions since 1998. The core of Mailit is in use at Dacons’ 3500 customer sites with 10th of thousands of users. All email features have been proven to be reliable in production environments. Amongst Dacons customer are the following corporations and organizations: Adobe Systems, Apple, IBM, Motorola and NASA.

What is the company behind Mailit and what does it stand for?

Dacons LLP is dedicated to developing high quality software components. Our goal is to increase the productivity and quality of your projects by providing rock-solid off-the-shelf components. We do this since 1998, the year we started to develop the core code of Mailit. Dacons has three offices in Europe and is headquartered in London. Dacons is privately owned with a stable financial track record.

What is the design approach behind Mailit products?

Both editions of Mailit (C/C++ and .NET) provide two sets of interfaces each. A high-level set of interfaces provides ease-of-use for the majority of all email features. To fulfill specific requirements you can also use a low-level set of interfaces. This concept ensures that you find the right interface for the job and optimize your learning curve.

How can I contact Dacons?

Please contact our sales team for Sales Inquire. For technical questions, please contact the engineer support. If you found an issue with Mailit, please use the Bug Report form. You can also submit a Feature Request any time. At this time, we do not offer telephone support.

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