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Mailit for .NET

Send, receive and parse emails with your .NET applications

Mailit for .NET

Product Info

Send, receive and parse emails with your .NET applications. No knowledge of email protocols required. Mailit for .NET provides a rock-solid implementation of all major email standards including SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and MIME. Make use of Dacons� 10 years expertise in email and leverage high quality yet cost efficient email functionality in your application.

Main Benefits

Easy to use
Make use of all common email standards in your projects. Mailit provides easy-to-use .NET interfaces to save development cost. You can integrate Mailit with literally a few lines of code. Our samples will get you started in minutes.
Ready for sophistication
Besides high-level interfaces that you expect for .NET, Mailit provides a second set of low-level interfaces. Now you can also fulfill sophisticated email requirements in your .NET apps. Mailit always provides you with the right interface depending on the stage of your project.
Fully featured
All major email standards such as SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and MIME are supported. Send plain text or HTML messages. Make use of secure TLS/SSL connections out-of-the-box and empower your apps with multi-threaded email sending. Mailit supports international character sets such as US-ASCII, ISO8859-1, ISO-2022-JP, etc. For more details, please refer to the list of all features and RFC standards implemented.
Rock solid, high performance for .NET
The core of Mailit is in use at Dacons� 3500 customer sites with 10th of thousands of users. All email features have been proven to be reliable as they have been at work in production environments for years. The core is implemented in C/C++, which not only allows for outstanding performance but also for deployment to many platforms. This in turn helped to increase the maturity and the robustness of the core code over time. The .NET edition of Mailit makes use of the core binary and provides .NET interfaces for best-fit integration.
Support and maintenance updates
With Mailit you get more than a software component. Free engineer support is available to you in any stage of your project. Maintenance updates are provided free of charge.
Straightforward licensing
Licensing Mailit for .NET is straightforward: Purchase a single developer or a site license. Use Mailit in-house or bundle it with your solution royalty-free.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
You can try Mailit before purchase using the free trial key. Your satisfaction is guaranteed: If you purchased Mailit and you are not totally satisfied you can return it within 30 days receiving a full refund.
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