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About Dacons


About Dacons LLP

Dacons LLP is focused on designing quality software components for Windows and Mac OS X with different wrappers. For our customer this means: quality ideas and software concepts, quality program code and quality user interface as well as quality documentation and support. The results are exciting software components, which are easy to use, and that work.

Dacons started research and development of software components in 1997. The first component that was developed in 1998 was the email component Mailit on C. The component was wrapped for the FileMaker API. FileMaker is Apple Inc's database software for Windows and Mac OS. The Mailit component code is used in thousands of developer's solutions that are working for countless end users for over 10 years now.

Dacons developed several other components for FileMaker that include mission critical scripting and file management components that can be found at

In 2007 Dacons started to develop the C/C++ and .NET wrappers for the extremely solid Mailit code and started to offer Mailit for C/C++ natively for Windows and Mac OS X and for .NET a year later.

Dacons LLP is headquartered in London. The Dacons team is operating from Germany (product engineering and design, quality control) with development teams based in other parts of Europe.

Dacons' support has a quick turnaround time and is handled by people also involved in the development of the software. This ensures constant further development of our software extensions based on consumer feedback.

Dacons LLP is an established business which is committed to further develop its software along with QuarkXPress and FileMaker updates and is enriching functionality constantly.

Dacons LLP
Suite 5 Copse Court, Evenwood Close
London SW15 2DE

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